About Us

We have created a charitable fund with the Community Foundation for Nantucket to receive donations for this initiative dedicated to restoring and protecting the ponds on Nantucket so they can be enjoyed by generations to come. We support finding scientific solutions to mitigate the accelerated eutrification of the ponds due to excess nitrogen and phosphorus from fertilizer, septic systems and household products.

Increased population on Nantucket has created poor water quality conditions such as harmful algae, excessive nuisance aquatic vegetation and low dissolved oxygen. Invasive plant species, like phragmites, create long term challenges for a natural pond habitat. We propose to balance the impact of human activity with the protection of Nantucket’s pond and estuary resources through planning, public involvement, education, research and sound resource management.

We have:

  • Funded an aquatic harvester and have removed 30 tons of excessive vegetation from Hummock Pond
  • Conducted eight, five -year phragmites mitigation campaigns on more than 30 acres on Long, Hummock and Miacomet Ponds
  • Applied for and have received a Federal Grant to study the origins of excess phosphorus in Hummock and Miacomet Pond
  • Worked with the Town of Nantucket to submit new applications for pond permits that include flood control

We work with all the not-for profit organizations and the Town to continually move forward with action plans to improve the pond experience on Nantucket.

We invite you to be come a “Friend” of your favorite pond and letting us know your interest or concern. Join us in preserving these irreplaceable resources so that they will continue to be enjoyed by all!