2015 Projects

WATER QUALITY MANAGEMENT PLANNING GRANTS 604(b) PROGRAM Has been awarded to the Nantucket Pond Coalition

Both Hummock and Miacomet Ponds are major public recreational resources on Nantucket, but both experience algae blooms in summer, including cyanobacteria at potentially hazardous levels. Extensive work has evaluated nitrogen loading in conjunction with the MEP, and in-lake phosphorus levels are known to be elevated, but there has been no focused assessment of the sources of phosphorus supporting algae blooms.

NPC 604 b application Hummock

Harvester Demonstration from Nantucket Community Television.

Long Pond Phragmites Eradication Project Pilot

A “Phragmites Control Demonstration” project  take place in late September on Long Pond. Through funds obtained from the Madaket Conservation Association and the Town, NPC will conduct a test of “foliar spray” of the invasive species to test its safety and efficacy in their eradication. Nantucket currently has a so called “cut and drip” policy of individually cutting each stalk by hand-a costly and ineffective approach-and we plan to propose to update that  policy to include the ability (with the proper licenses and Con Com approval per project) to allow a careful spray of a pesticide (glyphosate) that has proven to be safe and cost effective elsewhere. Should this pilot be successful, it will open the door to permits anywhere on Nantucket. This could help us finally address managing Phragmites growth on Hummock as well. NPC Long Pond Notice of Intent Long Pond Phragmites Treatment 012615

Phragmite Pilot Program – 9/16/15 from Nantucket Community Television.

Hummock Pond Harvesting Excessive Aquatic Vegetation

We have arranged for an aquatic harvester (basically an aquatic “lawnmower” on pontoons) to clear the excessive aquatic vegetation that has increasingly made the pond inaccessible to those who boat, kayak or use the pond in any way. The harvester will be deployed on the pond for a week starting July 19. Operated by Aquatic Control Technology, an experienced operator, the boat uses something called a york rake to cut and scoop up the plants. This is a pilot project to simply demonstrate that the approach will work.

A PDF description of the project can be found here: NPC Hummock Pond NOI narrative 012415

Video of Hummock Pond Harvester (4 min)